Introducing your new Committee.

A new year sees a new committee.

Please follow the link below to find a list of Committee members for 2021.

Glencoe Boat Club 2021 Committee Members

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for all their hard work to Colin Haste, Margaret Galloway, and Simon Ingram who are stepping down from the committee this year and wish them all the best. 

If you feel you can spare a little bit of time and contribute to the running of our club, please do get in touch. 

Fair winds. ⛵️🚤

End of the 2020 season’s letter from Glencoe Boat Club.

Dear all

This year has been hard and difficult for all, with this in mind I hope that you and your family /friends are safe and well.

There have been a few boats on the water making good use of the limited summer and quite good weather, we have been able to get the moorings inspected/repair the pontoon and put into place for your use, however this will be placed back onto the visitors moorings for the winter so we don’t have the same damage from the bad winter weather, while on the subject can I ask all boat owners on club moorings to take them off for the winter until next season please.

There are a few members that have not paid the club this year for either storage of boats or trailers and moorings even membership can you believe! This is a cheap club to be part of so not much to ask! You know who you are, and I ask you to please pay up before more drastic measures need to be taken by the club as it is totally unfair to all the other members.

This year we should be having a general meeting but under the circumstances of covid, I feel it to be unacceptable to ask any of you to turn up even outside.
So this year we will have our AGM in brief by email (reply to all), as I am not prepared to do it any other way, you know the drill, all committee members need to stand down in their roles and be reinstated or new committee members voted on, I will be letting you know sometime in November who will be standing for the post’s, I need to know how many of you wish to participate in the AGM, just give me your name and email address with a yes or apologies.

This year there are three committee members to my knowledge that will be standing down from their roles, these are (membership secretary, treasurer, and Commodore).
I am letting you know this so that you can think about helping in your club and commit to the running of the club. Without people to run it the club will not exist, please consider what you can do to contribute.
Simon as your Treasurer for a long time has been the most honest and efficient person for the job of treasurer, if only we could find another Simon.
Margaret who took over from myself as membership secretary when I became commodore has done a fantastic job and will be missed by her committee.
I myself am having to leave as commodore for personal reasons.
Please consider these positions as without them there is no club for you to enjoy.

Please contact me with nominations or volunteers for any of the committee positions.

I will speak soon by email about the votes the club needs to survive and who is standing for election. I cannot stress enough that without those positions being filled the club cannot exist.

Your Commodore
Colin Haste.

Glencoe Boat Club Covid-19 Update.

Glencoe Boat Club Update

Dear all

I can now gladly tell you that if you have a mooring it has been inspected by the diver, if there are any problems with your mooring the moorings officer will be in contact with you.

The two visitor moorings are now open for business.

The pontoons are now back in situ after a lot of upgrading (just the painting of the wood to do).

The slip is now ok to use for anyone wishing to launch a boat, non members are to leave a donation to help with the upkeep of the club.


Due to the ongoing covid 19 we cannot use club sailing dinghy’s; we can only allow two different people in the clubhouse at any one time to use the toilets with face coverings and two metre distancing everywhere.

There are notices everywhere to help remind you that the virus has not gone away.

A huge and big thank you must go to the three guys that have put in so much of their free time and hardwork during the lock down enabling this update to happen this year.

They are Angus MacInnes, Ruairidh MacLellan and Kevin Boyle.

Also, Simon Ingram who has been keeping the accounts up to date in the background.

I will keep you updated on further developments.

Your Commodore

Colin Haste

Covid 19 Phase two of re-opening And Commodores Newsletter

Covid 19 Phase two of re-opening

And Commodores newsletter


Dear all

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you, Glencoe Boat Club is to open again on the 10 of July

There are still rules that need to be pointed out:

Club house: only two families are allowed in the clubhouse at any one time with social distancing of two metres, all surfaces touched to be disinfected before leaving and wash hands before you go in at the temporary wash sink outside the club door, bring your own disinfectant and toilet roll to use and be especially diligent in the toilets.

Always keep two metres away from each other outside.

(Use your common sense) The virus has not gone away and we do not want to see it return.




With everyone forced into lockdown for the past few months the club has had to rely on local folk to look after the club.

There have been three people that have stood out in my opinion and that is Angus McInnes who has secured floats for the pontoons that were gradually sinking due to getting punctured and old age, they are being replaced as I speak on the three pontoons that were also damaged in the winter storms with the help of Ruairidh MacLellan and Kevin Boyle, (also been sourced) is a matting that will be placed onto the ground where the pontoons come into contact with the tide before the pontoons can be reinstated with the help of a machine to lift the heavy walkway back onto the pontoon and Kevin replacing the securing mechanism, there is also chain being replaced on the pontoons securing.

Kevin and Angus have also sourced a boat to use for the purpose of diving the moorings which is happening in a couple of weeks, (diver booked) and Kevin has repaired the engine for said boat.

So, without these local heroes our club would not be ready for opening so soon. A big thank you from me to the three of them.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Colin Haste (Commodore).

Covid-19 (Phase one) of reopening

Glencoe Boat Club


Covid-19 (Phase one) of reopening


Dear all

With a lot of communication over the weekend with your committee I have decided that the club remains closed in this phase and reviewed as the phases change.

The right to exercise by sailing can be done in phase one with your own boat from your mooring as long as you do not use the clubhouse and you live in a reasonable area of the locality, ( 5 miles being the Governments guide) please use the top carpark and the old slipway for your dinghy launching and stay 2mts away from different household’s as per the Government Guidance and the RYA links here

The pontoons are being repaired; they will not be installed until completed.

I have been in touch with the diver and found two possibilities for the dive boat and driver, all is being arranged just now and awaiting confirmation , so the members that have paid for their moorings this year will have their moorings inspected as soon as possible.

I will update you with information regarding the slow and cautious re-opening of the club (as health and safety mustcome before any changes are made) when I know the answers.

Your Commodore

Colin Haste

RYA Racing Rules, Free Webinar, open to all.

Following on from our Racing Rules Workshop being cancelled.
From Wednesday 29th April the RYA Scotland will be hosting a series of free webinars for racing sailors and aspiring race officials to introduce and explain the racing rules of sailing.

Whether you are your club’s rules expert, a squad sailor or just want to know a bit more, the six-week series will guide you through the racing rules to give you the best advantage on the race course.

More details here:

Coronavirus Update for Glencoe Boat Club Members

Dear all, I need to keep you all updated as to the situation we find ourselves in at the club.

The Diver was due to start his checks on the moorings tomorrow, Monday, but the diver and boatman cannot justify this as being an essential activity, this will be reviewed every 21 days and put back to a time that is classed as being safe for this to go ahead.

If you do decide that you wish to put your boat on your mooring, please keep this in mind and talk to your insurers explaining the situation for more advise.

The Wednesday race nights are postponed until further notice and the Regatta is also postponed, hopefully to a date later in the year.

The pontoons have not been re-instated yet, as all the floats are to be replaced before re-install.

All committee meetings have been cancelled.

I wish you all well in these dark times and look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.

Colin (Commodore)


Day Skipper Theory Course.

Debbie Williams of Glencoe Outdoor centre is running a RYA Day Skipper Theory course starting this Friday 30th Jan over 2 weekends. 31st Jan – 2nd Feb & 21st to 23rd Feb. 

She currently has 2 bookings and is keen to increase the numbers for better experience on the course. 
So if anyone is interested please contact Debbie Williams at the Glencoe Outdoor centre for more information.