Commodore’s Newsletter No.3 – 28/08/2019

Glencoe Boat Club

Newsletter No 3



Dear Club members

We now have a dry clubhouse, as the roof has been replaced with new metal sheeting and looking very smart.

There are plans afoot to reinforce the car and boat park from the winter weather, I will keep you posted if, and when as we will need the boats moved to carry out this task.

The Skiff is on its last legs of being completed, we now need to find the money needed to purchase a suitable trailer for either road use or launching use. If anyone is interested in rowing the Skiff, or maybe your friends? please contact Helen Fairlie by phone on 07769 971008 or by email at

IF any of you are using the club assets will you please look after them and let one of the committee know if anything needs attention, and Please put back the sails and boats after use and clean if necessary.

Our Treasurer is wanting to leave his job on the committee and is very kindly willing to take on an apprentice to gently bring them up to speed before taking over the role.

On this issue I need to make it very clear to you all that with out the help of your committee this club does not exist and the club will cease to exist if help is not forthcoming. we need,out of the 116 members of our and your club to step forward to help, whether you live near or far from the club does not matter, it can become part of your hobby! you can help. There are committee members doing two jobs! so as of now we need an apprentice Treasurer, a membership secretary, maybe help for the moorings officer who is also the Vice Commodore and someone to look after the boats parked in the club, please do not come back to me with negativity! we need positive people willing to help with the running of their club with prideand willing in what they do and ensuring that we keep the costs down for our members.

I look forward to hearing back from you and appreciate that we all have busy lives.

You can phone me on 07877 250862 or email me at


Colin Haste (Commodore)




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